Join patriots from all across America who are supporting the campaign of Former Kentucky State Representative Wesley Morgan by making your pledge now to donate to his campaign this April 28th, 2020.


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My name is Wesley Morgan, and I am running for the United States Senate against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell because, like you, I am tired of the corruption embedded in the Republican party.  

The term RINO shouldn’t even exist, yet patriotic Americans are using it more and more to describe what they’re getting from their political representatives in the GOP.  

Our direction has to change, and the first step in making that change is getting rid of the center of Republican corruption, Mitch McConnell.  

Mitch McConnell was against Trump before he was for him because Mitch always rides the wave of political expediency rather than standing strong on principles.  

Going along to get along is the textbook definition of what a Republican In Name Only does, and it most certainly is NOT the kind of leadership that makes America great.

That's why I'm asking you to support my campaign now by pledging to donate to me this April 12th, 2020, so that I can take on Mitch, then represent you and true conservative values in the U.S. Senate.


Mitch McConnell's Voting Record Is BAD FOR KENTUCKY AND BAD FOR AMERICA!

You will be SHOCKED how Mitch McConnell, someone who is supposed to represent the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, has actually voted.

Click here to see Mitch's voting record for yourself!


If you want to keep the Republic the Founding Fathers created for us, support my campaign for U.S. Senate. I am a Constitutional Conservative who believes our founding document was a gift from God that makes America great. As your representative, I will fight every day I serve in Washington D.C., to restore, then keep, the U.S. Constitution intact.


The 2nd Amendment protects our freedom to keep and bear arms. I oppose all efforts to eliminate or restrict this right.


I believe in the repeal of the 16th Amendment which allows the federal government to levy an income tax from all Americans.


As your U.S Senator, I would not agree to send the American military into prolonged wars. I believe we should bring all our troops home now.


The federal government has failed to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. I support real border enforcement and oppose amnesty.


Obamacare has reduced choices and driven up costs. I support a full repeal of this dangerous law.


Bailouts force taxpayers to reward failure and punish success. I oppose bailouts and believe corporations should be forced to compete.


In November 2016, I became the first Republican in fifty-years to hold the office of State Representative for the 81st House District in Kentucky. 

During my tenure, I served on the Judiciary Committee; the Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee; the Economic Development and Workforce Investment Committee, and the Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. 

My voting record shows I worked to create additional economic growth; protect our Second Amendment rights; advocate for the abolishment of the state income tax; combat Kentucky’s drug epidemic; fight for the unborn; protect our law enforcement and first responders at all costs, and promote education at all levels. 

During my time in Frankfort, I was endorsed by and received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association; endorsed by the National Association for Gun Rights; and received the 2017 Conservative Achievement Award from the American Conservative Union Foundation.

Based on principle, I called for the resignation of Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover, and all other members involved a secret sexual harassment settlement involving a young, legislative staffer. 

Due to my adherence to my values and my refusal to participate in the “good ole boys” system fueled by establishment Republicans within the state, the Republican Party of Kentucky recruited a primary challenger to defeat me in his bid for reelection. 

Now, I am seeking to take on the establishment – and their leader, Mitch McConnell, in 2020.



Patriots who want to see less corruption and more principle in the U.S. Senate are joining together to donate on April 28th, 2020, to Wesley Morgan's campaign to unseat RINO Mitch McConnell. 

By donating together and on one day, we hope to raise enough for Wesley's campaign to generate free publicity and coverage from the mainstream and independent media, increasing the value of each donation.

All donations will be made directly at the website.

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You will receive one email per week up until and then on the day of the event. After that, you will not receive another email unless you sign up for the Wesley Morgan campaign newsletter list. 

If you would like to pledge without receiving any notification emails, or if you have any questins, comments or suggestions, please send us an email.